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Staff Benefits Management & Administrators Announces New MEC Partnership with Healthcare2U

SBMA offers a unique solution with Healthcare2U’s membership healthcare product

Minimum Essential CoverageNovember 21, 2017 San Diego, CA — Staff Benefits Management & Administrators (SBMA), a third-party benefits administrator from San Diego, is partnering with Healthcare2U, the nation’s fastest growing direct primary care network, to offer the nation’s first Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) to employers for a $60 premium. SBMA offers low-cost programs for employees interested in enrolling in medical benefits for themselves and their families.

Frank Crivello, President and CEO of SBMA said, “Employers are continuously looking for ways to offer cost-effective healthcare to their employees. We’ve developed a cost-conscious Minimal Essential Coverage plan that offers both employers and employees an affordable option completely compliant with the Affordable Care Act. With Healthcare2U we can now expand our product offerings while partnering with a company that knows this world well.”

Many MEC administrators offer programs with unnecessary add-ons, increasing the cost without providing significant additional benefits. SBMA and Healthcare2U eliminate the employer and individual mandates and provide customers with the lowest cost MEC solution.

Andy Bonner, president and CEO of Healthcare2U said, “Our MEC offering with SBMA is the perfect solution for employers who have always wanted to provide affordable doctor visits for their employees but can’t bear the perennial cost escalations built into traditional insurance. Employers are going to love the affordability of the plan and their employees are going to enjoy having access to quality care.”

With Healthcare2U’s services, SBMA will provide a MEC Plan with an unlimited number of doctor visits for a $10 per visit fee. Healthcare2U’s direct primary care program provides access to 24/7/365 telemedicine for families at no additional cost and guarantees same or next day office visits for acute care, if needed. In addition, 13 chronic issues ranging from diabetes to high blood pressure can be fully managed within Healthcare2U’s clinics for the same $10 per visit fee.


About SBMA

Staff Benefits Management & Administrators, headquartered in San Diego, California, is an industry-leading third-party administrator offering ACA compliance expertise, superior customer services and a low-cost MEC solution that eliminates penalties for employers and employees.

About Healthcare2U
Healthcare2U, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a leader in delivering direct primary care, wellness and chronic disease management to employers of all sizes. Through a network of more than 200 partner clinics across the nation, Healthcare2U, is breaking down barriers to convenient access to quality medical care with a focus on promoting healthy living while preventing disease. Healthcare2U is redefining how healthcare is delivered to improve the overall consumer medical experience while holding the line on employer costs. A complete list of clinics can be found at For more information, visit


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