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Primary Care Solutions
for Employers

Healthcare2U Provides Nationwide
Direct Primary Care

Brokers and Agents, are your groups looking for cost containment strategies?

Check out our Nationwide DPC Membership for a patient-centered approach to

Healthcare2U’s Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership is nationwide and provides unlimited primary medical care to organizations of all sizes and structures. Within our membership, we navigate members towards appropriate care and contain out-of-pocket medical expenses for employers.

Employer Benefits

By navigating employees through their healthcare experience, our Direct Primary Care membership protects an employer’s bottom line and contains healthcare expenses.

Broker Benefits

Healthcare2U partners with benefit brokers to customize how their client’s healthcare is delivered, providing personal attention and valuable benefits to organizations nationwide. Regardless of employer size or structure, Healthcare2U delivers affordable, convenient, and consistent primary care across all geographies.

Member Benefits

Healthcare2U’s Direct Primary Care simplifies your primary care journey as your first step to affordable and convenient primary care. DPC addresses your concerns, fits your schedule, and stays within your budget.


Healthcare2U's Direct Primary Care offers personalized, convenient, and affordable healthcare.

Accessing appropriate and timely healthcare, even with insurance, can be expensive and confusing. That’s why Healthcare2U’s Direct Primary Care membership simplifies the primary care journey towards affordable and convenient services when and where members need them.

Revolutionizing healthcare delivery
with Direct Primary Care

Revolutionizing healthcare delivery
with Direct Primary Care

There is a misconception that one can’t access quality primary care without insurance, but this is not the case. Nationwide, agents are implementing Direct Primary Care in organizations of all sizes and structures. DPC redefines how patients access primary care — the entry point to healthcare. Gone are the days of long wait times and short physician visits. DPC enhances the patient experience, lowers healthcare expenses for employers and their employees and focuses on patient accessibility.

A Nationwide, Hybrid Direct Primary Care Membership

Healthcare2U’s hybrid Direct Primary Care works as a standalone benefit or with major medical plans for organizations of any size. Hybrid DPC takes the model’s traditional benefits and expands access nationwide. Healthcare2U provides a single solution for employers with remote employees who need primary care access with consistent pricing and benefits across state lines. 

We specialize in customized healthcare solutions for small and large businesses, and government entities.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is not insurance and can be implemented into existing health plans anytime. Healthcare2U’s membership provides consistent pricing and benefits nationwide – meaning it’s a perfect fit for small businesses and large corporations that span state lines.

We take pride in providing primary care services to members across the country

Since 2013, Healthcare2U has expanded its primary care physician network nationwide. Through these doctors, we can give members affordable, accessible, and convenient primary care when and where they need it. Members can travel freely, knowing that Healthcare2U’s network and cloud based EHR follow them digitally if, and when, they need it.

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