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Healthcare2U Continues Growth in Texas

New Clinics in Lubbock, Texarkana Join Fast-Growing Private Physician Network for Direct Primary Care

 AUSTIN, Texas – Responding to growing demand for convenient affordable health care, Healthcare2U is expanding its physician network with the addition of new direct primary care clinics in Lubbock and Texarkana.

Dr. Stephen Dalton of Lubbock and the Pleasant Grove Family Clinic of Texarkana have joined Healthcare2U’s rapidly growing Private Physician Network (PPN) of more than 60 clinics providing medical care, wellness and chronic disease management.

“These new clinics will enable us to address a growing demand for affordable, convenient medical care,” said Andy Bonner, president and CEO of Healthcare2U. “With Texas ranking near the bottom of all 50 states in the ratio of physicians to population, we look forward to continuing to work with businesses to make sure employees can see a physician when they need one. We continue to have strong support from Texas businesses of our direct primary care model, which helps employers keep employees healthy while holding the line on costs.”

Healthcare2U has one of the nation’s fastest-growing direct primary care clinic networks.  The company works with health care brokers and businesses of all sizes to provide a comprehensive suite of customized group health plans to deliver convenient medical care to help keep healthcare costs low while promoting healthy workforces.

Through the company’s simple membership-based model, no insurance claims are filed for members’ doctor visits against the company’s health plan. Employee members can access same-day or next-day appointments with a $10 visit fee for each clinic visit. Members also have round-the-clock access to telemedicine practitioners.

Through the Lubbock and Texarkana clinics, Healthcare2U members can access primary care, wellness coaching and chronic disease management. In addition to its network of more than 60 affiliated clinics, the company also delivers primary care through dedicated on-site employer based clinics and employer shared clinics.

Healthcare2U is redefining how healthcare is delivered to improve the overall consumer medical experience while holding the line on employer costs. A complete list of clinics can be found at

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Healthcare2U, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a leader in delivering direct primary care, wellness and chronic disease management to employers of all sizes. Through a network of more than 60 clinics across the nation, Healthcare2U, is breaking down barriers to convenient access to quality medical care with a focus on promoting healthy living while preventing disease. For more information, visit