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Healthcare2U Answers Massachusetts’ Expensive Employer-Sponsored Insurance Premiums with Affordable No-Claims Healthcare™

Massachusetts’ Employers Demand Alternative Solutions to Contain Healthcare Costs


AUGUST 15, 2018 – BOSTON, MA – Due to broker and employer demand for lower healthcare costs, Healthcare2U has expanded their nationwide Direct Primary Care services into Boston with the addition of a new clinic. In 2017, Massachusetts had the fourth-highest employer-sponsored insurance premiums in the country, prompting employers to seek affordable healthcare alternatives. Through Healthcare2U’s membership-based Direct Primary Care, Massachusetts employers can shield claims from their insurance plans, which results in lower premiums.

“We’ve created a nationwide, integrated Direct Primary Care solution that unloads claims from an employer’s insurance plan while delivering the benefits of Direct Primary Care to the employee,” says Andy Bonner, CEO of Healthcare2U. “When integrated into traditional self-insured programs, Healthcare2U has shown that stop loss carriers are routinely giving significant reductions in aggregate factors and stop loss premiums.”

Healthcare2U delivers membership-based healthcare on a national scale through their proprietary Private Physician Network™ (PPN). Within these clinics, Healthcare2U provides same-day and next-day doctor appointments for acute issues at $10 a visit and around-the-clock telehealth for $0 out-of-pocket cost. In addition to unlimited same-day/next-day acute visits, Healthcare2U physician partners agree to treat 13 of the most prevalent chronic disease states for the same $10 visit fee. Healthcare2U physician partners also agree to practice generic-first protocols to reduce pharmaceutical costs for employers and their employees.

“Many people don’t realize the importance and impact of quality primary care,” says Dr. John Rodriguez, CMO of Healthcare2U. “When given the opportunity, Primary Care Physicians can treat health issues that patients typically visit an expensive specialist or emergency room for. Healthcare2U allows physicians to practice medicine by removing the red tape and claims-administration from our partner clinics.”


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Healthcare2U, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a leader in delivering Direct Primary Care, wellness and chronic disease management to employers of all sizes. Through a network of more than 240 partner clinics across the nation, Healthcare2U is breaking down barriers for convenient access to quality medical care. The company is focused on promoting healthy living while preventing disease. Healthcare2U is redefining how healthcare is delivered to improve the overall consumer medical experience while holding the line on employer costs. For a complete list of clinics, see: For more information, visit


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