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We are not your traditional Direct Primary Care Organization

Healthcare2U’s Coast-to-Coast Healthcare Membership™
Defies Traditional Barriers of Direct Primary Care

Healthcare2U is an integrated, hybrid direct primary care organization that has progressed the model’s benefits and removed its limitations. Our solution believes the primary care patient-physician relationship is the foundation for healthy living and is the key to reducing cost and eliminating the barriers to healthcare. By providing access to affordable care, we redefine how it’s delivered, utilized, and experienced.

Defining Healthcare2U

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Defining Healthcare2U

We are Redefining Healthcare to Reduce Expenses

Healthcare2U revolutionizes the healthcare industry’s status quo by delivering an integrated approach that utilizes technology and patient advocacy to eliminate the barriers to quality healthcare. Our model redefines the delivery of healthcare by providing a service for the early detection, treatment, and management of acute, urgent, and chronic conditions, before the onset of serious illness. We do this in three steps:

Increase access to quality healthcare

By providing a nationwide solution to primary care, we bring affordability, accessibility, transparency, and mobility to our members. To address the confusing healthcare system, we’ve embedded a patient navigation feature into our membership. Every opportunity for care begins with a call to our patient navigation team through Healthcare2U. Our Patient Advocates and medical service providers have access to every member’s information, such as underlying insurance coverage and up to date Healthcare2U medical history, that is housed in our cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant proprietary database. Patient Advocates guide the member through their primary care options towards affordable and convenient care that fits their desires, budget, and medical needs. As a concierge service, we even make the appointment for the member and relay any important information.


We believe that by breaking down the barriers to healthcare, we encourage the early detection of illnesses, which reduces expenses for both employers and their employees.

Detect diseases earlier and treat sooner

It’s essential to provide an annual physical to see the evolution of a patient’s health over time. By establishing this patient-physician relationship, members become engaged with their health, and we can educate them towards a lifestyle of wellness and healthy living. This practice minimizes the risk of chronic conditions and allows us to manage illnesses more effectively in earlier stages.

The detection, treatment, and management of chronic conditions is an important feature in any comprehensive healthcare plan. According to the CDC, chronic and mental health conditions drive 90% of the nation’s annual healthcare expenditures. By making healthcare access affordable that includes preventative screenings, Healthcare2U can detect, treat, and manage 13 of the most prevalent chronic conditions. Through unlimited chronic care access, Healthcare2U minimizes the expense of specialist visits for those members who are within a manageable disease state and eliminates the risk of those diseases progressing towards a shock claim down the road.

Lower care costs for employees and employers

Healthcare2U’s foundation is built around the values of price transparency and patient navigation. Our integrated direct primary care membership is 40% below the cost of traditional DPC practices, and our visit fees are a set cost ($10 in-office visit, $25 for urgent care, and $0 for Virtual DPC).

Broker Advantages


Lower Costs

Better health outcomes for employees, reducing expenses for employers.

Establish Trust

Establish trust by well-equipping employers with information to make sound decisions on how to structure a mixture of healthcare memberships and insurance coverage for their employees.

Employee Benefits

Deliver employers with high-quality, affordable benefits, lowering healthcare costs that help keep employers competitive.

Level Commission

Achieve level-commission to provide an additional resource to fund enrollment teams and educational enrollment information for employees.



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