Healthcare is broken

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Healthcare2U is an integrated, hybrid direct primary care organization

Healthcare2U understands the challenges surrounding healthcare for organizations and their employees. We are here to solve the problem by redefining the delivery of primary care to our partners. We know to address the barriers to healthcare, we must solve primary care and provide essential services through our clinical partners, Healthcare2U Physician Services, with comprehensive benefits such as preventative, chronic, and urgent care.

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We ensure that organizations of all sizes and structures have unlimited, nationwide access to affordable and consistent primary and urgent care provided by Healthcare2U Physician Services; and to promote healthy living by detecting, treating, and managing acute and chronic conditions before the onset of serious illnesses.

Our Values


Our no-claims membership aligns the patient and physician incentives to drive affordability. This value enables employers to offer lower care costs, empower employee health, and deliver better patient experiences.


Members have unlimited accessibility to Healthcare2U partner physicians provided through Healthcare2U Physician Services during business hours and 24/7 access to Virtual DPC for after-hours care.  Our primary, chronic, and urgent care options allow treatment from anywhere within the U.S., reducing healthcare avoidance and giving peace of mind.


The upfront, fixed pricing, and detailed support information delivers the transparency needed to empower patients to make smart, budgeted healthcare decisions—preventing post-visit surprise charges or opaque payment responsibilities.


Nationwide footprint drives primary care mobility to better service our members regardless of location; while transferring medical records between Healthcare2U and Healthcare2U Physician Services providers for every visit—eliminating care fragmentation and chances for misdiagnosis.


Defining Healthcare2U

We are Redefining Healthcare to Reduce Expenses

To disrupt the status quo of the nation’s healthcare industry by delivering an integrated approach that utilizes technology to eliminate the barriers to quality healthcare, increase the accessibility of care and encourage preventative management against serious health conditions.


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