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Altrua HealthShare Offering Members No Claim, Low Cost, High Quality Healthcare Service through Healthcare2U

Partnership Provides New Option for Individual Health Plans in Time of High Premiums and Exchange Closures

October 12, 2017 – AUSTIN, Texas — Altrua HealthShare, one of the nation’s leading non-profit Healthcare Sharing Ministries, unique for its monthly contribution model, is now serving its membership base of more than 15,000 with Healthcare2U, one of the country’s fastest growing Direct Primary Care Networks.

Andy Bonner, president and CEO of Healthcare2U said, “Providing patients new ways to access primary care as conveniently and cost-effectively as possible is our mission. It’s a perfect match to Altrua’s sharing approach and immediately provides Altrua’s members more affordable access and expanded services.

Healthcare2U and Altrua have partnered to create Silver Select, a new, more affordable plan, available in the marketplace just in time for open enrollment for individuals and families in select markets. Beginning October 1, 2017, Silver Select members can see a doctor an unlimited number of times for a $10 per visit fee. Healthcare2U’s direct primary care program will provide Altrua members access to 24/7/365 telemedicine for their entire families at no additional cost and guarantees same or next day office visits for acute care, if needed. In addition, 13 chronic issues ranging from diabetes to high blood pressure can be fully managed through the Silver Select plan within Healthcare2U’s clinics for the same $10 per visit fee.

Doug Sherman, CEO of Altrua HealthShare, said, “Healthcare2U is bringing a concierge-style service to our members and at the same time, providing access to low cost, high quality services. Because Healthcare2U services don’t generate any insurance claims, we have a new opportunity to pass savings onto our members via lower plan costs.”

Telemedicine, low-cost immunizations, discount pharmacy agreements and wellness programs are just a few of the ways Healthcare2U works to dramatically reduce healthcare costs.

Bonner continued, “The fact is, insurance providers continue to announce they are no longer participating in the individual exchanges and premiums are rising, limiting choice with double digit increases in premiums. Our combined ‘Membership + Membership’ formula with Altrua is a great way to guard against unexpected medical bills and rising premiums and provides consumers a much needed affordable choice.”

The Altrua partnership is the latest major expansion announcement for Healthcare2U in the past year. In a time when exchange shutdowns are reducing individual choice, Healthcare2U is providing rational and reasonable non-insurance healthcare coverage to pay for basic and chronic medical conditions. It is particularly attractive to, and affordable for people with high premium, high deductible insurance plans. The Silver Select program is fully compliant with Affordable Care Act coverage provisions, which means Altrua’s members avoid government penalty and is available to members in Connecticut, parts of Florida Louisiana, New York (Manhattan) Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee (Knoxville) and Texas. More than 100 Healthcare2U clinics are available to members.

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