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Tailored Healthcare Solutions Protect Employer Profits [Direct Primary Care Takes Center Stage During Open Enrollment]

A well-structured health plan isn’t accidental. Ideally, benefits brokers work with employers to offer a wide range of choices that fill in coverage gaps and address budget concerns for businesses and their employees. Clients want brokers who confidently recommend tailored healthcare solutions because how employees consume healthcare directly impacts their health plan’s overall expenses.

Knowledgeable brokers have learned to layer options like Direct Primary Care (DPC) into health plans to soften the blow of insurance claims and escalating premiums and deductibles. But often, benefits administrators don’t fully understand the power of the tools included in their company health plan and how to instruct employees to utilize them effectively. By communicating DPC’s benefits to their clients before open enrollment, brokers can set companies up for greater success with their health plans and help protect profits.

In turn, a well-equipped benefits administrator can educate employees to use their health plan more effectively and economically — saving the company and the employee more money in the long run.

 Equip Benefits Administrators

Because employees may have been offered traditional health insurance or possibly no health coverage in times past, they do not understand how to use benefits when presented with a choice like direct primary care. Statistically, people who effectively utilize primary care have better long-term health outcomes, so education about the DPC benefit is critical.

Those employees who fail to understand the power of primary care may end up using an urgent care clinic or going to the emergency room for ailments that can easily and more affordably be addressed by a primary care physician. This reactive approach can lead to delayed acute and chronic care, the onset of serious illnesses, and overall declining health. This practice is very costly due to expensive out-of-pocket fees for the patient and can eventually lead to “shock” claims that impact the employer’s bottom line later. The absence of proper care leads to greater absenteeism and presenteeism, which leads to lost productivity and lost profits.

Open enrollment is the perfect time to encourage employer groups to express the importance of having a relationship with a primary care physician and how affordably they can do that with direct primary care. To help employers and benefits administrators understand the benefits and ease of use DPC can provide for them, Healthcare2U has created an eBook titled, “How to Train Your Employees to Protect Profits Through Their Direct Primary Care Membership.” It’s available for download here.

 What Clients Will Learn

By providing simple staff training at open enrollment, employers can train employees to protect profits through a direct primary care membership. In this eBook, they will learn:

  • How to overcome escalating challenges for employers and their employees
  • Why primary care is considered the foundation for health
  • How to deliver a primary care solution for a mobile workforce
  • Ways to educate employees to utilize health plans effectively

Another bonus employer groups will find in the eBook is a video they can email to staff to explain the power of their direct primary care benefits.

Tailored Healthcare Solutions Protect Employer Profits

 Remember, Communication is Key

As your go-to direct primary care organization, Healthcare2U has made it easy for you to communicate how DPC can protect clients’ earnings by mitigating insurance claims. By emailing clients a link to this informative eBook, they can better understand how to train their employees to protect their bottom line.

Employers can then pass on the information to their staff through this short educational video. With these resources available year-round, benefits brokers and employers can help steer employees toward better health outcomes and significant savings for everyone.

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