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5 Reasons Direct Primary Care Is a Necessary Ingredient for Health Plans

There are significant hurdles facing employers who want to provide meaningful benefits to their growing workforce. There’s a great deal of buzz surrounding cost-containment strategies, but you can’t create real solutions without examining these hurdles and customizing plans based on the needs of individual clients.

Direct primary care (DPC) addresses many of the pain points employers are currently experiencing. From escalating costs to geographic barriers, traditional healthcare options have left much to be desired. Here we’ll examine five reasons DPC has become an option employers and their employees don’t want to live without.

DPC Reduces Claims Exposure for Employers

Because DPC isn’t health insurance, there are no claims to impact the employer’s bottom line and no deductibles for the employee to meet before getting necessary care. Direct primary care saves employers money by diverting acute care claims, chronic disease management, and urgent care from their health plans. For care performed by a primary care physician (PCP), no claims are generated on the employer’s health plan, and there are no bills for members after receiving care.

DPC Minimizes the Costs of Chronic Disease Management

With the right DPC membership, employees can get primary care and chronic disease management without generating monthly claims for their employer. Members get affordable access to a primary care physician, and the savings for multiple employees over time can lead to exponential savings for large and small employers.

DPC Allows Employers of All Types to Provide Benefits to their Employees

With small margins, small employers and service-sector businesses struggle to provide health benefits to employees. Service workers often earn low wages, so paying expensive premiums and deductibles is not feasible.

Direct primary care is an affordable healthcare solution for small employers, the gig economy, non-benefits eligible, part-time workers, and the service sector. DPC offers unlimited primary care for a low monthly membership fee with no premiums or deductibles to meet.

DPC Supports Nationwide Employers with Remote Workers Across Multiple States

With a nationwide direct primary care provider, members can access primary care physicians in every state, face to face or virtually, for one low membership fee. This membership takes flexibility to a whole new level for today’s mobile workforce.

DPC Delivers the On-Demand Healthcare Experience that Millennials Want

Millennials have created a generational shift toward on-demand healthcare because younger patients prioritize the delivery speed and availability of appointments. This group can learn the benefits of developing a long-term relationship with a PCP in a direct primary care environment with little education. They still get speed and availability, but they can keep their health history in one central location.

Informative Resources

If you’d like more details about why direct primary care is a necessary component for cost-effective health plans, the e-book 5 Reasons Direct Primary Care is a Top Benefits Strategy is available for download.

Also, the video DPC: The Foundation of Cost-Effective Health Plans provides more insight on how DPC can help employers offer top-notch benefits that attract and retain the best talent. Companies are looking to benefits brokers for solutions to help them become an employer of choice. This open enrollment season is an excellent opportunity to share why direct primary care is an affordable healthcare option for companies of all sizes.

If you’d like more information on affordable, nationwide DPC memberships, contact Healthcare2U.


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