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Membership Now Available for Furloughed, Part-time and Laid Off Employees Within the US

Introducing MyDPCplus, a Direct Primary Care Membership for Individuals, Nationwide

In March of 2020, an unprecedented 701,000 Americans lost their jobs – the largest change in a single month since 1975. Restaurants, retailers, bars, and gig workers have been hit particularly hard, and the job losses are projected to get worse before they get better. It’s no surprise that workers in these industries often lack the benefits or means to get basic healthcare when they are employed, much less unemployed. If COVID-19 has taught us nothing else, it’s that people need access to affordable medical care to stay healthy and mitigate future risks for serious illnesses. They also need to be able to see a doctor or access telemedicine in times of crisis without breaking the bank.

Healthcare2U’s mission from the start has been to break down barriers and make healthcare more affordable to all. To that end, we’re excited to launch our first coast-to-coast healthcare membership for individuals: My Direct Primary Care Plus (MyDPCplus). This healthcare membership for individuals makes it possible to gain primary care benefits for themselves and families without being employed. For those recently laid off or struggling to make ends meet, this is a game-changer.

Here we’ll cover why direct primary care (DPC) for individuals is so cost-effective, what the membership includes, and how members can use it in conjunction with traditional health insurance.

Why DPC is So Affordable

The average monthly cost of health insurance (including employer and employee contributions) for an individual in 2018 was $574 per month and family coverage averaged $1,634. Simply put, a person on unemployment with a family can’t afford those premiums which don’t include the expensive co-pays for in-office physician or urgent care visits. And even if individuals can secure insurance on their own, lower monthly premiums usually mean higher co-pays and deductibles.

Since DPC isn’t health insurance, members pay a flat monthly fee for access to a primary care physician. With Healthcare2U’s membership, doctor visits are only $10 per visit, and urgent care is $25. Members can also access Virtual DPC around the clock for $0 out-of-pocket. These visit fees are considerably less than what individuals would pay if they saw a primary care doctor through an insurance provider or on their own.

What You Get for Your Money

MyDPCplus is a robust healthcare membership that provides convenient and affordable access to primary medical care, wellness, and chronic disease management for 13 disease states within manageable ranges. Here are some of the benefits offered with the membership.

  • Unlimited Direct Primary Care
    • Unlimited doctor visits with a $10 visit fee
    • Unlimited urgent care visits with a $25 visit fee
    • Annual physical ‑ with four labs: complete metabolic panel (CMP), complete blood count (CBC), thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and lipid panel.
    • Patient navigation center staff­ed by bilingual medical assistants to schedule care for members and eligible participants
    • Discounted pharmaceuticals, X-rays, imaging, labs, dental and vision
  • Unlimited Chronic Disease Management
    • Unlimited treatment and management of 13 chronic disease states for the same $10 visit fee. Healthcare2U accepts pre-existing conditions within manageable ranges.
  • Unlimited Virtual DPC ­
    • Unlimited access to bilingual licensed medical providers online or by phone, 24/7/365 for minor illnesses and injuries at $0 out of pocket cost to members

How Healthcare Is Supposed to Work

It’s never been more critical to establish an on-going relationship with a primary care doctor. Primary care physicians help families maintain health through preventive care and early intervention. People who regularly see a primary care physician manage their chronic diseases better, spend less time in the hospital, and miss work less due to illness.

For those still fortunate enough to have insurance through an employer, DPC is always a great addition, especially if they can’t afford coverage for dependents. Members can utilize DPC for themselves or their families to avoid escalating co-pays and high deductibles. In the event of a catastrophic emergency, they can still use a high deductible health plan (HDHP) if necessary.

No Surprises with DPC

From discounts on prescriptions, X rays and labs, dental, vision, and more, to a knowledgeable patient navigation team, members know exactly what they’re purchasing up front. For a low monthly membership fee, families can have added peace of mind in times of uncertainty.

If you’re a broker who wants to help clients who have recently laid-off employees, resulting in lost jobs and healthcare benefits, here’s an answer for day-to-day care.

Learn more about Healthcare2U’s MyDPCplus membership by downloading the brochure.

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