How to Promote Better Physical & Mental Wellbeing

Maintaining good health is often easier than trying to restore it, so here are a few simple ways to promote better physical and mental wellbeing.

Point 1: Waking Rest
Did you know researchers describe waking rest as a “4th puzzle piece” in the existing wellness trio of exercise, nutrition, and sleep? From taking a walk to meditating, finding time for quiet reflection is an essential component of physical and mental well-being.

Point 2: Social Interactions
By creating and cultivating positive and meaningful relationships and social interactions, a person can lengthen their lifespan and generate better health outcomes.

Point 3: Enjoying Nature

Gardening, sports, or hiking also benefit mental and physical health. So take advantage of the green spaces and nature nearby.

Point 4: Getting Proper Medical Care

Primary care is designed to be the foundation of good health because it provides screenings and other preventive services. A primary care doctor can be the first line of defense against declining physical conditions.

If you feel off, remember not to ignore warning signs. Call your primary care doctor and begin an honest conversation that gets you back on the path to health and wellness, mentally and physically.

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