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Healthcare2U and the National Association for Medical and Dental Partner to Provide Affordable and Consistent Day-to-Day Access to Unlimited Nationwide Direct Primary Medical Care for Individuals

The partnership provides individuals seeking direct primary care with a convenient platform to enroll online and an easy-to-understand patient navigation hotline that simplifies valuable primary care benefits no matter their location within the U.S.

April 27, 2021 (Austin, TX) – Healthcare2U and the National Association for Medical and Dental (NAFMD) today announced their partnership to provide Healthcare2U’s Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership through NAFMD’s easy-to-use enrollment platform. This partnership centers on eliminating barriers around the entry point to healthcare by providing individuals across the nation with access to a cost-effective membership that delivers consistent benefits across state lines.

“Many individuals are uninsured simply because insurance is expensive to enroll and expensive to use. Simply put, it’s not that people don’t want healthcare coverage, it’s that they can’t afford it,” explains Charlie Geiselhart, Chief Revenue Officer of Healthcare2U. “Healthcare2U’s direct primary care membership is affordable and, once enrolled, our patient navigation team makes it easy to understand and access. This partnership with NAFMD helps many people who are looking for day-to-day medical care achieve a healthier lifestyle by enrolling into DPC through an easy-to-use, nationwide platform that also offers additional benefits such as an Rx membership or vision and dental coverage.”

Healthcare2U’s hybrid Direct Primary Care membership provides consistent services and pricing across state lines. Whether members are traveling or at home, they are encouraged to become active participants in their health without the price tag. Once enrolled, patient advocates navigate members through their unlimited benefit options such as in-office acute visits for primary care and urgent care, annual physicals, early-stage chronic disease management, and 24/7 bilingual virtual DPC.

“NAFMD/Healthcare National Marketing is excited about our new relationship with Healthcare2U,” says Sarah Colbert, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at NAFMD. “After years of searching for the best health benefits, this partnership allows us to finally offer our members a low-cost option to everyday health needs. Our members desperately need alternative options to the rising cost of health benefits, making it unaffordable to most of our members. We are confident that this plan is the solution for the present and future when it comes to primary care coverage. Our members are excited and cannot wait to use this new option for their everyday care needs.”

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Healthcare2U is a membership-based, hybrid direct primary care (DPC) organization that ensures employers of all sizes and structures have nationwide access to affordable, consistent, and quality primary care over 40% below the average cost of traditional DPC practices operating in the market today. Through our proprietary Private Physician Network (PPN)™, Healthcare2U promotes healthy living by detecting, treating, and managing acute and chronic conditions before the onset of serious illness. Healthcare2U is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and is available nationwide. For more information, visit

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