Group Healthcare Plans, Direct Primary Care for Business

Healthcare2U Direct Primary Care


We provide affordable primary care services for businesses and other organizations that can keep employees healthy while holding the line on costs.
It doesn’t matter if an organization currently offers health insurance to it’s employees or if you are considering alternative healthcare services.

Superior Primary Care

Healthcare2U services were designed to provide superior primary care and chronic disease management that can be affordable to everyone. Unlike traditional service providers, Healthcare2U’s memberships are all-inclusive and no claims are filed against an employer’s health plan. With round-the-clock access to our board certified physicians, many patient issues – including minor health complaints or prescription refills – are addressed over the phone, which reduces time spent out of the office.

No Claims

Healthcare2U’s no-claims, fixed-cost approach caps the cost of primary medical care services for both employers and employees. When combined with high-deductible health plans, Direct Primary Care may result in significant savings.

Why Choose Healthcare2U?
Unlike an insurance plan, Healthcare2U is an innovative membership-based group healthcare plan.
Through our network of Healthcare2U board certified doctors, we provide managed clinics, mobile nurse practitioners, dedicated on-site employer-based clinics and near-site employer shared clinics which enable us hold the line on costs for group healthcare plans.

Lower Cost
For business owners who currently provide insurance to their employees, we can show you through a suite of services how we can provide you comprehensive alternatives that cap your costs and limit the out of pocket costs your employees pay. For Individuals and families, we offer solutions to the high premium, high deductible plans on the private or government exchanges.
Innovative Care
As your primary health care provider, our goal is to do more than just prescribe medicine. We believe in providing you with the very best options for healthy living with access to your medical home physician round-the-clock wherever you may be. Healthcare2U strives to provide prompt and timely office visits for acute and chronic medical problems, while ensuring the highest quality of care. In addition to appointments in our clinics, members also have access to telemedicine practitioners over the phone.