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As an industry leader, Healthcare2U delivers an affordable and convenient direct primary care (DPC) membership to employers and organizations across the nation. Through our No-Claims Healthcare™ model, we cap healthcare expenses by providing direct access to primary care, acute care, telehealth, chronic disease management and generic pharmaceuticals.

Through Healthcare2U’s DPC membership, we are redefining how healthcare is delivered to healthier and happier employees across the nation. Whether your clients are fully insured or self-insured, we have solutions that bring true claims savings.

Superior Direct Primary Care

Healthcare2U provides superior direct primary care (DPC) and chronic disease management that is affordable for everyone. With round-the-clock access to our board-certified physicians, many patient issues – including minor health complaints or prescription refills – are addressed over the phone via telehealth, reducing time spent out of the office. Whether an employer is fully insured, self-funded, has variable hour employees or underinsured employees – Healthcare2U has solutions that deliver.

No-Claims Environment

Unlike traditional service providers, Healthcare2U memberships shield all services performed within the DPC environment from being filed as a claim against an employer’s health plan. Healthcare2U’s no-claims, fixed-cost approach to healthcare caps the cost of primary medical care services for both employers and employees. Our services integrate with employers of all sizes and, once fully implemented, we will protect the insurance plan from acute illnesses, preventative care services and chronic disease management.

Why Choose Healthcare2U?
Unlike an insurance plan, Healthcare2U is an innovative membership-based group healthcare plan. Through our nationwide Private Physicians Network™, we encourage our members to utilize their benefits through Healthcare2U before accessing any other health plans. By providing an unlimited DPC environment, we hold the line on costs for group healthcare plans.

Lower Cost
For businesses who currently provide insurance to their employees, we can discuss Healthcare2U’s comprehensive suite of services and how we can help agent’s deliver a customized benefit plan will contain their client’s cost and limit the out of pocket expenses for employees.
Innovative Care
As a direct primary care provider, Healthcare2U’s goal is to do more than just prescribe medicine. We believe in providing members with the very best options for healthy living with access to around-the-clock care wherever they may be. Healthcare2U ensures the highest quality of care via in-office physician appointments or through telehealth.

Our Services

Healthcare2U believes that by providing members with affordable and convenient access to healthcare, you give them the keys for to live a healthier and more productive life. By building the patient-physician relationship, Healthcare2U assists members to acquire care when they need it and encourages treatment at the onset of an illness. Through these behaviors, we can impact presenteeism and absenteeism while reducing the utilization of urgent and emergency care.

Our membership includes unlimited access to our DPC services, nationwide. So whether a member schedules an in-office physician appointment or talks to one of our physicians over the phone, we’ll guide them towards the best solution for their health.

All of our products are built upon the direct primary care model and include our core benefits below:

Unlimited Appointments
By providing unlimited doctor office appointments for $10 a visit, Healthcare2U clinics eliminate concerns regarding co-pays, claims and deductibles. Accessible care reduces the time spent out-of-office and other expenses related to employee productivity.
Unlimited Telehealth
Members have access to 24/7/365 bilingual telehealth for $0 out-of-pocket cost. Board-certified physicians will consult members’ health concerns reducing urgent care and emergency room visits.
Unlimited Chronic Disease Management
We detect, treat and manage 13 of the most prevalent chronic disease states for $10 a visit. By allowing our physicians to treat chronic diseases, we mitigate the demand for specialist visits. Covered chronic diseases include anxiety, arthritis, asthma, blood pressure, CHF, COPD, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, GERD, gout, hypertension, and thyroid.
Patient Navigation
Healthcare2U’s Central Scheduling Department navigates every member through their healthcare plan. By providing convenient access to affordable care, Healthcare2U saves members time and money.
Generic First Protocols
All of Healthcare2U physicians practice generic-first protocols. By following this procedure, we reduce the pharmaceutical spend for our members and their employers.

Healthcare2U defines our Direct Primary Care model as a solution that benefits our physicians, members, employers and brokers. It is an answer to rising premiums, poor disease management and costly claims. Our integrated processes eliminate the hassle for both the member and physician, while protecting an employer’s bottom-line. Through our proprietary Private Physician’s Network (PPN)™, Healthcare2U provides a unique patient-navigation platform where medical assistants guide members towards the best healthcare option.

Our products are built on an integrated direct primary care membership that provides members with affordable and convenient access to primary medical care. We partner with brokerages, third party administrators and healthcare providers to build comprehensive products such as Minimum Essential Coverage plans, medical cost-sharing memberships and indemnity bundles. With these products, producers can creatively build plans around affordable and convenine taccess to day-to-day primary medical care.


In 2019, Healthcare2U launched its newest product line, Direct Primary Care plus (DPCplus), to include improved plan offerings for employer groups of all sizes. In comparison to Healthcare2U’s introductory DPC line, this suite includes extensive care options to address the needs of healthcare in America. A few things to look forward to within Healthcare2U’s Direct Primary Care plus line include:

Nationwide Availability
This Coast-to-Coast Healthcare Membership™ is changing the lives of members across the country. We’ve expanded our plan offering to include more physicians and covered areas, providing members with increased access to a physician through our Private Physician Network™.
All-Inclusive Urgent Care
A notable addition to the DPCplus product line is the inclusion of urgent care. Members can seek all-inclusive medical treatment for acute issues for only $25 a visit, reducing costs in unnecessary emergency department visits. 

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