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    Nationwide Direct Primary Care Organization, Healthcare2U, Ranks on the Prestigious Inc. 5000 List

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    Chronic Disease Management Provides Big ROI

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    Home Health Case Study: Enhanced Benefits Increased Retention in an Industry Rifled by Turnover

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    Major Shifts in Healthcare [Implementing Long-Term Strategies for Telemedicine and Virtual Care]

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Blog Posts

Why Millennials Ignore Health Issues
July 19 | 2 mins

Blog Posts

Anti-Aging Secrets: An Unexpected Benefit of Primary Care?
July 2 | 3 mins

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Creative Healthcare Solutions for States with the Least Coverage
June 23 | 2 mins

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Three Overlooked Groups Looking for Innovative Healthcare Solutions [How Direct Primary Care Can Address Their Needs]
June 15 | 3 mins

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Data-Driven Insights for Building Better Health Plans
June 9 | 3 mins


Expanding Benefits Sales With Non-Insurance Alternatives For The Remote Workforce
June 7 | < 1 min

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DPC Practices Seek to End Disparities in Healthcare
May 27 | 3 mins

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The Relationship Between Physical Health and Mental Health [How to Promote Better Physical and Mental Wellbeing]
May 19 | 2 mins


How to Promote Better Physical & Mental Wellbeing
May 11 | < 1 min

Press Release

Healthcare2U and the National Association for Medical and Dental Partner to Provide Affordable and Consistent Day-to-Day Access to Unlimited Nationwide Direct Primary Medical Care for Individuals
April 28 | 2 mins

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Primary Care Counteracts the Negative Impact of Poor Economic Conditions on Health
April 27 | 2 mins

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Two Accelerating Contributors to Health Inequity [How Medication Insecurity and Healthcare Homelessness Calls for Better Access to Primary Medical Care]
April 22 | 3 mins



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