How Healthcare2U Can Help California Businesses Provide Affordable Employee Healthcare Amid Minimum Wage Hikes

AUSTIN, TX. February 22, 2024 Healthcare2U, a nationwide direct primary care (DPC) membership service, is excited to announce its continued expansion to California. Health benefits advisors can now offer their employer groups an option to tackle the impact of higher minimum wages in the state.   

President and CEO of Healthcare2U, Andy Bonner, is excited to be expanding its healthcare services in the California market. “We believe that our unique approach to direct primary care can make a significant impact on the health and well-being of Californians. Health benefits advisors are vital partners in this mission, and we look forward to working together to reshape the healthcare industry and minimize the effect increased minimum wages will have on an employer’s bottom line.”   

In January this year, California passed a law that raised the minimum wage requirement for exempt employees to $16, with food services and healthcare employees receiving an increase of $18 to $23. The recent adjustments could affect an employer’s ability to provide a viable health plan for their employees as they will likely seek to cut costs to make up for the increased wages.   

According to a recent study from the Legislative Analyst’s Office, employee-sponsored health coverage is the most common form of coverage in California. However, with the rise of inflation and minimum wage requirements, employer’s access to affordable health plans may affect the benefits they provide.   

Healthcare2U recognizes the growing challenges and claims to provide a more favorable option. The company’s mission is to encourage individuals to prioritize their health without the fear of financial burdens. Unlike traditional health insurance, Healthcare2U’s DPC membership offers a streamlined and cost-effective approach to healthcare access through its no-claims process. This eases employer’s financial challenges and offers a hassle-free enrollment process for benefits advisors. Healthcare2U’s membership can be offered to employer groups with as little as two employees up to hundreds. As a result, it opens the door to healthcare equality for part-time and contracted workers.   

The direct primary care business model is growing in popularity and experiencing an annual growth of 36% according to Medical Economics®. It serves as a solution to various healthcare challenges and breaks the barriers of health equity across diverse economic and social backgrounds. For individuals in rural areas, virtual healthcare services ensure access to essential healthcare. Healthcare2U plays a pivotal role in making healthcare affordable and accessible. Their nationwide network of board-certified family care physicians helps individuals monitor and manage acute chronic diseases, some of which include diabetes, GERD and Congestive Heart Failure. By providing unlimited access to primary care physicians, Healthcare2U makes it possible for individuals to receive regular medical care to help avoid long-term effects of potentially serious health conditions.  

As California navigates through changes in labor costs, inflation, and health coverage, Healthcare2U is committed to being a reliable resource for employers and health benefits advisors. The company ensures to address the evolving landscape of healthcare, offering alternatives to ensure accessibility, affordability, and quality in healthcare services.   

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About Healthcare2U 

Healthcare2U is a membership-based, hybrid direct primary care (DPC) organization that ensures employers of all sizes and structures have nationwide access to affordable, consistent, and quality primary care over 40% below the average cost of traditional DPC practices operating in the market today. Through our proprietary Private Physician Network (PPN)™, Healthcare2U promotes healthy living by detecting, treating, and managing acute and chronic conditions before the onset of serious illness. Healthcare2U is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and is available nationwide. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter @Healthc2U and LinkedIn at Healthcare2U.