Why Choose Healthcare2U's Direct Primary Care Membership

Why Choose Healthcare2U

Save money and time

Healthcare doesn’t have to be complicated. Remember the days when you could call your doctor’s office, tell them your symptoms and the doctor would prescribe a course of treatment or call in prescriptions to your pharmacy? Because the Healthcare2U practice model does not depend on insurance, we can extend this convenience to our patients without compromising quality medical care – and saving time and money.

Greater attention, lower overhead

At Healthcare2U, our doctors take the time needed to evaluate our patients’ needs. Appointment times are scheduled for a minimum of 15 minutes in order for the physician to accurately assess, diagnose and extend our members the time and expertise needed to manage specific medical needs while eliminating or greatly reducing costs for extra testing and specialist referrals.

Fewer specialist referrals

Our medical team has the necessary training, experience and expertise to evaluate, diagnose, treat and consult with patients with common and complex illnesses, afflictions, diseases and functional disorders of the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, metabolic, musculoskeletal, hematopoietic and eliminative systems.

Lower cost for employers

Healthcare2U creates opportunities for businesses and other organizations by helping to reduce risk, better manage costs and improve the quality of healthcare delivered to employees. Our doctors routinely prescribe generic medications which helps hold the line on prescription drug costs. By using convenient Healthcare2U employer clinics and our no-claims model, employers can keep costly insurance premiums down while reducing sick days.