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Turning Less Into More


Small groups can offer big opportunities if you know how to show them the right solution. They can struggle with attracting and keeping good talent because of their inability to compete with large company benefit packages. However, Direct Primary Care provides a valuable incentive unlike traditional health insurance.

One of our highest-preforming brokers is succeeding in the small group space by selling employers Healthcare2U’s Direct Primary Care (DPC) plan. She shows business owners how they can deliver high value medical care to their employees for our low monthly price, beginning at $30 PEPM.

The broker’s close rate is very high since there is almost no competition for a medical plan offering unlimited doctor office visits, same-day/next-day office visits for acute care, 24/7/365 telehealth for $0 out-of-pocket cost, and management for 13 of the most prevalent chronic disease states. The most common response she hears is, “This solution is a no-brainer.”

Here are the simple steps to her success:

  1. Write down three small groups you can contact now about offering Healthcare2U’s DPC
  2. Call or visit them with materials from our Broker Portal
  3. Present DPC’s value to the business owner
  4. Ask for the sale
  5. Enroll and become part of the DPC solution!