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Healthcare2U Staff

Healthcare2U Leadership




Andy Bonner
President and CEO




Dr. John Rodriguez, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer




Ron Levine
Executive Vice President of Product Development




Kristi Marczynski
Chief Financial Officer




Margo Wickersham
Vice President of Sales

Operations Team




Melissa Ortiz
Clinic Relations Director




Courtney Babin
Communications Manager




Kathrynn Bonner
Accounts Manager



Amber Goldman
Training and Implementation Manager

With decades of experience, the Healthcare2U team is committed to helping people live the healthiest lives possible while advancing the ongoing battle against disease and critical health conditions. Combining personalized medical care with a passion for prevention and healthy living, Healthcare2U provides quality healthcare for large and small businesses and other organizations along with thousands of consumers.

At Healthcare2U, we are committed to addressing one of the biggest challenges facing businesses and consumers today – convenient access to affordable, quality healthcare.

We are redefining how healthcare is delivered. With our innovative membership-based service delivery and cost model, we are challenging the traditional ways healthcare is purchased and consumed and advancing the next wave of healthcare.

Healthcare2U’s direct primary care plan provides a comprehensive alternative to insurance that reduces employers’ health spending. Through our no-claims model, we provide businesses and consumers with affordable and convenient access to excellent primary medical care, wellness and chronic disease management. By making healthcare affordable and accessible, we focus on identifying, treating and preventing health issues before they become serious.

With a broad suite of services and a network of clinics and telehealth practitioners and a laser-focus on customer service, we provide access to healthcare when and where it is needed.