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Handling Objections to Direct Primary Care


People sometimes resist change, even when the change is a big improvement. Explaining how much better and more cost effective Direct Primary Care (DPC) is for employers and their workers can feel like a challenge. Here’s a suggestion for how to handle the push-back an employer might express about DPC with telehealth.

Objection #3:

“My existing health plan already includes a telephone medical service. Why would I want to utilize Healthcare2U’s Telehealth?”

Tip #3:

Healthcare2U membership includes UNLIMITED 24/7/365 bilingual telehealth for $0 out-of-pocket cost. Other healthcare plans charge a fee up to $40 or more per call. Healthcare2U eliminates the fee and offers the service free so employees have immediate access to healthcare when they need it. Our goal is to improve access to quality care for employees while reducing cost for employers.

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