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MyDPCplus is a nationwide healthcare membership created to address the furloughed, part-time and laid off employees of America, by providing access to unlimited primary care services including urgent care, 24/7 Virtual DPC and chronic disease management

April 8, 2020 (Austin, TX) – Today Healthcare2U, a membership-based, integrated direct primary care (DPC) organization, released an individual product to address the furloughed, part-time and laid off employees of America. With indications that the US unemployment rate could rise to 13 percent in April¹, Healthcare2U is working to quell employee fears of going without access to healthcare by delivering their Direct Primary Care membership to individuals on a national scale.

The desire to assist those affected by COVID-19’s economic toll, prompted Healthcare2U to create their first individual membership, My Direct Primary Care Plus (MyDPCplus). MyDPCplus is built around a hybrid-DPC payment model and provides a comprehensive suite of unlimited primary care benefits. Like DPC, the plan is not insurance, but rather a healthcare membership available for a flat monthly fee. Benefits include unlimited services such as in-office physician visits for primary and urgent care, 24/7 Virtual DPC/telehealth consultations, and the treatment of 13 chronic disease states such as diabetes, asthma, and hypertension – within management ranges.

In this initiative, Healthcare2U has partnered with Zevo Benefits to provide the MyDPCplus membership to individuals across the nation. Zevo Benefits offers a complete and agile enrollment platform that offers a simple and straightforward user experience, allowing individuals a painless enrollment into MyDPCplus via monthly ACH withdraw or credit card.

“Healthcare2U understands those Americans who have lost their jobs are dealing with the anxiety of possibly losing their health insurance. And while we can’t provide hospitalization or take away the stress of this moment in history, I can do my part to provide access to primary care for everyone who needs it,” said Andy Bonner, CEO of Healthcare2U. “Whether these individuals are gig workers, recently unemployed, or working for employers who can no longer provide benefits – they need access to affordable primary care. Healthcare2U is proud to partner with Zevo Benefits so we can offer this essential membership to individuals, nationwide.”

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