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Healthcare2U Accelerated Voluntary Sales Beyond Expectation

A Testimonial By Kathy Johnson

“With Healthcare2U you will open doors to new clients that you didn’t know existed before.”
-Kathy Johnson

Healthcare2U Accelerated My Sales

My name is Kathy Johnson, a Regional Sales Manager with a major voluntary benefits carrier. Within my role, I oversee an average of 30 sales associates.

Opening new accounts and continuing sales with our existing clients are challenges that we face daily. To meet my goals, I am always looking for innovative opportunities to open doors to new accounts that we’ve previously been unable to penetrate.

Last year, I introduced Healthcare2U’s unique concept of combining their unlimited doctor visits, disease management and no-cost telemedicine with a TPA-administered Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC) plan to several companies in my market. This creative product was the door-opener that my team needed to set us apart from every other voluntary sales rep in the area and presented one-on-one sales opportunities to place more voluntary.

We now have home health agencies, trucking companies and even fruit packing distributors as new clients. These opportunities were secured because we partnered with Healthcare2U to become industry “Thought Leaders” while showing employers how to contain their benefit costs and save valuable dollars.

At the same time, these employers proved to their employees that they care by providing necessary and highly-utilized benefits. Because of Healthcare2U’s plan, there is no doubt we landed accounts that previously we would not have, while securing our clients improved enrollment conditions. Our increase in sales speak for themselves: in 2017 we earned 31 new accounts and more than $1,000,000 in increased sales volume.

With Healthcare2U you will open doors to new clients that you didn’t know existed before.

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