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Mar2019Health Insurance Literacy: Employees Need More Resources

Health Insurance Literacy: Employees Need More Resources   Without a doubt, healthcare is a complex entity that includes multiple constituents beyond the patient and care-provider. From various carriers to government regulations, the intricacies of healthcare can turn-around even the most [...]

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Mar2019Are High-Deductible Plans Placing Employee Health at Risk?

Are High-Deductible Plans Placing Employee Health at Risk?   Chronic disease management is not only expensive and complex but it’s key in improving patient outcomes and minimizing overall healthcare expenditures. Currently, the price tag of chronic illnesses accounts for 72 [...]

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Mar2019National Women’s History Month: Five Influential Women in Medicine

National Women’s History Month: Five Influential Women in Medicine   For decades, various female-activist groups advocated for the inclusion of women’s history in classrooms across the nation. It wasn’t until 1980 that President Carter issued the first Presidential Proclamation to [...]


Feb2019Heart Failure Awareness Week

Heart Failure Awareness Week   As a continuation of Heart Month, this week is dedicated to raising awareness for Heart Failure. Heart Failure is a common condition resulting from a damaged or weakened heart, often from a heart attack or [...]


Feb2019Our Hearts are Healthier, Together

Our Hearts are Healthier, Together   In 1963, President Lyndon B. Johnson named the month of February as American Heart Month to raise awareness about Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) within the American population. After many decades, CVD is still prevalent. Affecting nearly 48 percent of the American population, CVD is the underlying cause in 1 out of every 3 deaths. For American Heart Month 2019, the National Heart, [...]

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Jan2019Employers Seek Alternative Solutions to Solve Rising Benefit Plan Costs

Employers Seek Alternative Solutions to Solve Rising Benefit Plan Costs     Rising prices for benefit plans have employers considering creative solutions to lower healthcare expenses. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, benefit costs are predicted to hit [...]


Jan2019The Real Impact of Chronic Diseases in America

The Real Impact of Chronic Diseases in America   A recent poll shows that a majority of people aren’t aware that over half of all Americans are affected by a chronic disease or of the economic impact it has in [...]

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Dec2018Conquering Your New Year’s Resolutions

Conquering Your New Year’s Resolutions     The New Year is approaching, prompting declarations and New Year’s resolutions from the masses. Although many people don’t bother with New Year’s resolutions, most of us promise ourselves – with good intentions – that we will eat healthier, get more exercise or save more money. But, unsurprisingly, four out of the five people [...]

Winter Wellness

Dec2018Winter Wellness

Winter Wellness   For many parts of the country, winter weather has arrived. As earth tilts the Northern Hemisphere farther away from the sun, we experience less daylight and chilly weather – encouraging us to stay indoors and allowing our [...]

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Dec2018Employer Provided Healthcare Isn’t Making the Cut

Employer Provided Healthcare Isn’t Making the Cut   A new study shows that after years of modestly-growing premiums, 2017 brought a sharp price hike – increasing the economic strain on many Americans.   The study from The Commonwealth Fund shows that, beginning in 2017, employees started to spend a larger percentage of their income on employer-sponsored healthcare. For example, the 2017 average employee [...]


Nov2018Open Enrollment Checklist

Open Enrollment Checklist   For those on the forefront of the benefits landscape, the first of November marks the beginning of another open enrollment season. As many of you know, this is the time for employees to enroll in the [...]

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