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Handling Objections to Direct Primary Care


Handling objections is part of any selling process. Even with an innovative offer like Healthcare2U DPC, you may encounter an occasional barrier to the sale. Let’s arm you with solutions to common objections from employers. As you have come to learn, employers come in all shapes and sizes. Take a look at how Healthcare2U’s nationwide, integrated network can benefit any employer.

Objection #2:

“I have employees in multiple cities, so how is it possible to provide care for all of them?”

Tip #2:

Having multiple locations across the state and country is one of the advantages Healthcare2U’s Direct Primary Care offers. We have more than 240 clinics nationwide and are adding more every month. We are the first nationwide integrated Direct Primary Care organization. Meaning, members have access to all Healthcare2U doctor offices while all Healthcare2U physicians have access to the patients’ medical records through our HIPAA-compliant EMR.

Ask the employer where their other employees are located. Visit the Healthcare2U doctor office locations online to view our clinic locations map. Zoom in to see how close the clinics are to the employees.

If the employer has employees located in areas where Healthcare2U is not, we have two ways to overcome this potential objection:

  • With 100 lives, Healthcare2U can to establish a partnership with clinic in a new location. We make sure the clinic is within a 20 minute drive of the workplace and can have the clinic established and ready for the group within 45 days.
  • If the employer group has just a few employees in an area without a Healthcare2U clinic, we can carve those folks out of the DPC plan and still provide DPC to the other employees.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding: the timeline for establishing new clinics, current locations, or DPC carve out details!