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Are You a Leader or a Follower?

“Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems.”

–Brian Tracy

Being a leader is about taking steps and showing interest in finding new ways to solve big problems for your clients. As you know, the largest problem your clients are facing is the rise of healthcare costs. So let’s be leaders in the industry, and talk about the solutions we have to offer!


How do we contain healthcare’s rising costs?

You contain rising costs with affordable and convenient healthcare options like Direct Primary Care (DPC). DPC is one of the hottest topics in our industry because it is an innovative and cost-effective solution for employers who are frantically searching for relief.


How can you make the most of your leadership position with DPC?

Identify your current employer groups whose healthcare costs are rising dramatically. Get ahead of bad news by offering a creative solution that delivers better care with these tips:

  • Show the cost-containment opportunities! Healthcare2U’s DPC reduces claim exposure and shields employers from uneducated healthcare decisions.
  • Reinforce the value! Healthcare2U improves the health, productivity and retention of employees. While delivering affordable and convenient access to daily care


Share the good news! With Healthcare2U’s DPC, preventative and acute care begins as low as $30 PEPM.
Find all of our marketing fliers and enrollment materials in Healthcare2U’s Broker Portal. If you believe there is something else you need to strengthen your position and ability to sell DPC, let us know at!