• $30 per month (1 year minimum) | $10 visit fee
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Affordable Healthcare Plans $30/month

Small Business Healthcare Plans

Small Business Healthcare Plans

Healthcare plans for small businesses in Texas

Our business healthcare plans will help you save money on employee health care costs.

HealthCare2U offers solutions that will increase your bottom line and help you keep your employees healthy.

We can provide dedicated on-site employer based clinics, near-site employer shared clinics that multiple employers can share costs, or through our network of Texas Healthcare2U managed clinics and nurse practitioners.

Our thorough suite of services can provide you a more comprehensive alternative that caps your contribution costs and caps the out of pocket costs your employees will pay.


Individual Healthcare Plans

Affordable healthcare plans for Individuals and families

Our affordable healthcare plans provide a revolutionary, innovative, and alternate approach that offers many advantages for individuals and families throughout Texas.

This is not health insurance.   The Healthcare2U medical membership plan, manages your primary and chronic disease health care needs.

Same day appointments for urgent care.  Most routine appointments scheduled within 1-2 business days

We offer 24/7 On-call board certified physicians and unlimited doctor visits. Low $10 visit fee for office visits.  Call us at 1-800-496-2805 or signup online to get started.

Annual Physical Exam*
We believe a thorough and comprehensive exam is the foundation for proper diagnosis and risk assessment of many diseases and is an excellent preventive-care tool for our patients.
Call Your Doctor
We're here for you
As a Healthcare2U member, you will have phone access to your personal physician for after-hours emergent care as well as the ability to receive medical consultations, prescriptions, and refills during office hours.
Weight Loss Management
Eat healthy
We provide a weight loss management health plan that includes specific diet recommendations coupled with an aerobic workout program to promote long term health benefits
Healthcare2U strives to provide prompt and timely office visits for non-urgent and chronic medical problems, while ensuring the highest quality of care for you, your family and business.